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Stop shampooing your hair!

Stop shampooing your hair!

Today I want to share with you how I stopped shampooing my hair daily. I know this may sound disgusting (right up there with the day I stopped wearing make up).  I have always had thin hair.  I washed it daily, and I never thought anything of it.  Since I have greatly reduced the shampooing of my hair, I have noticed that it has gotten a little thicker, much healthier, and that my skin problems around my neckline are slowly starting to disappear.   Basically, I slowly started to decrease the number of times I washed my hair.

I do still wash my hair every once in a while when it gets really bad, but most of the time a solid rinsing is all my hair needs. I do not recommend using any baking soda or corn starch.  The point of this is to re-balance the pH of your hair and scalp by letting your hair naturally balance.  I did the same for my face a long time ago.  I just STOPPED washing it, and a few months later, my skin cleared up.

Give your body a chance to just be.  Go wild.  Be natural.  The sexiest thing a woman can wear is her confidence, so be confident with your all-natural self.

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