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LACK-HACK – Perfect Mother’s or Father’s Day Gift

LACK-HACK – Perfect Mother’s or Father’s Day Gift

My parents are the kind of people who have everything.  They are retired, they spend most of their time at the beach, and they don’t ever “need” anything, but they love toys.


I made some photo coasters for them a few years ago, and my dad mentioned wanting to do a photo table.  I decided to make this for him for father’s day this year (Dad, if you’re reading this, STOP!!!)


This project was pretty simple, just some basic materials and some ratty clothes are all you need to make this project a reality.  I would try to space this out over an entire weekend, if not longer.  Each layer needs to dry in order for this to work properly.



  • Ikea lack table ($9) or sub another table, maybe one from a thrift store
  • 25 Photos, or more if your table is larger
  • Elmers glue
  • Paper cutter (optional, this will allow you to make clean cuts on your photos, and measure them for consistency)
  • Modpodge (matte finish small should be fine)
  • EnviroText Lite High Gloss Finish
  • Brush or Sponge applicator (for the modpodge)
  • Disposable measuring container (I used an old coffee tin)
  • Wooden stick (to smooth out the resin)
  • Hair dryer



  1. Cut your photos to even 4’’x4’’ squares, or any other size you like!
  2. Lay out your photos in a pattern you like (optional: tape some or all of them down to keep them in place)
  3. Glue photos down with elmer’s glue
  4. Let this dry at least two hours— place something heavy on top of the photos (like a book)
  5. Apply three layers of modpodge on top of the entire table.  Make sure that the layers fully dry before applying your next coat (about 3-4 hours between coats, you can place a fan nearby to help the layers dry faster)
  6. Mix equal parts resin and hardener in to your disposable tin (if your bottles are fresh, you can simply pour them into your tin, and compare the amount left in the bottles to make sure you are using equal parts, or you can pour them into a disposable measuring cup and measure them out)  For this project I needed a little less than half of each of the bottles.
  7. Quickly pour your contents on to your table, and smooth it out using your wooden stick.  Make sure that there aren’t any “holes” and don’t worry about bubbles too much.  Try to keep it as even as possible,  but remember that a lot of it will even out as you go along.  I poured it all out on the center of the table, and then smoothed it to the corners
  8. Use your hairdryer to get rid of any bubbles (I just applied it as closely as I could to the table, and just ran it over the bubbles until they went away)
  9. Let dry for a least 12 hours, but a good day or two is best
  10. Wrap and give to a loved one


Also consider doing this with a map, scrapbook paper, coins, old letters, beer bottle caps, wine corks, etc.  The list is endless.

IMG_2011 (2)

Good luck 🙂

Nutribullet vs. Vitamix

Nutribullet vs. Vitamix

If you are anything like me, then I am sure you overthink everything you buy. I did this for about a year before buying a Vitamix, and let me tell you, it was worth every penny.

It replaces the need for a food processor, and proudly sits on your counter as the best damn blender you’ll ever own. David and I use it all the time, and have for years. We make post-hike smoothies, and we used to make seriously awesome frozen drinks in there. We decided after giving our parents health-conscious gifts for Fathers’ and Mothers’ day last year, that we needed to do the same this year.

We settled on getting them a vitamix, one for each couple. The almost $1,000.00 we would have spent on this stopped us in our tracks. I heard great things about the Nutribullet, but I wasn’t convinced that a $70 machine could perform as well as the vitamix.

We decided on a whim to get one and try it out. We put the exact same ingredients inside both machines and started them up. You can see the video below of what happened.

What we discovered was that YES when it comes to making smoothies, the Nutribullet could handle it. Not quite with the same whipping finesse of the Vitamix, but it could demonish raw beets, seeds, and kale without making us have to chew.

  • Pros:
    • Smaller and takes up less counter space
    • Not as loud
    • Better at individual proportions
    • Blender container turns into drinking cup
  • Cons:
    • Not as powerful, so the machine has to run longer
    • No low or high, it is either on or off
    • Doesn’t whip the avocados
    • Won’t make two smoothies at once

All-in-all I would highly recommend getting a nutribullet if you are just starting out with your smoothies, or are single and looking for something easy for one person. We gave it to our parents, and one set has been using it daily, while the other finds the number of parts cumbersome and is on the fence about returning it.
If you are interested in learning about how to make the perfect green smoothie, stay tuned because David should be coming out with a post about it within the week! Have a wonderful day, and thank you for reading.