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Camper for a Year

Camper for a Year

It’s a mystery to me
We have a greed with which we have agreed
And you think you have to want more than you need
Until you have it all, you won’t be free
-Eddie Vedder

In January, my fiance and I decided to stop drinking.  Not because we necessarily had a problem with it, or anything like that, we just decided that it was inhibiting us from doing the things we love.  As we are getting older, we are finding that what used to be a minor hang-over the next morning before breakfast has turned into two full days of non-stop vegging.  We would eat ourselves sick on some chipotle, wonder aimlessly around our apartment, and basically do nothing.  This was preventing us from living our lives.  We weren’t hiking as much, camping, saving money, spending time with friends, or being productive.  Our apartment was starting to slip, and all organization went out the window.  I am not saying that we were even drinking that much, just a couple of drinks for me and a little bit more for David, and we were basically done for the next day.  Since we are active people, this was a problem.

This brings me to the point that since we stopped drinking, we’ve noticed a lot has changed in our lives.  For one, we are a million times more productive.  I started blogging, taking online courses, spending time with my friends and family, and I even started painting again.  David has dropped 15 pounds, can run a 5k like a boss, and has significantly diminished acid-reflux.  He has even stopped taking his medication for it, supplementing with Tums instead when needed.

Our mental health is at an all-time high, and we have noticed that our itch to travel is non-stop.  Like a rash that won’t go away, we just can’t scratch idea of getting out of town out of our heads.  We had a stroke of good luck from the universe last year around this time when my parents bought a new RV and we adopted their old twenty-year Mallard (I know the Ballard Mallard is all we used to say when I was growing up).  We decided to store it in our favorite campground, Sugar Mill Ruins in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  Here, we can go to our private oasis (we are homeowners  now after all) and get away from Atlanta.  After spending a few weekends in our camper, we decided that we could totally, one-hundred percent, live in that camper.  With minimal dishes, clothes, hobby stuff (this is a tough one for me), and furniture we can do it.  We could save a lot of money, pay off some student loans, and maybe even see a huge chunk of the United States.  Sure, our camper does need a little love, but we really lucked out because it is in terrific shape. We do have a few projects we are going to try to accomplish before we both go virtual:

    • Bathroom Reconstruction


    • New Toilet
    • New Vanity
    • Pull the wallpaper off and paint the walls of the tub and entire bathroom
    • Paint the tub lining
    • New shower controls
  • Solar Panel the roof
  • Figure out a good solution for a desk area
  • Put vinyl flooring in
  • Find a comfortable sleeper sofa
  • Paint and clean the outside of the camper
  • Cosmetic fun stuff
    • Pull the wallpaper up in the slide room and paint
    • Paint the walls all over
    • Paint a fun quote on the outside of the camper
    • Put up fun map and ocean paintings
    • Curtains
    • New Blinds
    • Put new knobs on the cabinets
    • Paint all the vents, speakers, etc.
    • Restructure the shelves in the closets to make them more accessible
    • Mount a TV in the living space
    • Set up our “kombucha world”

I will be posting about everything we do, taking a few time-lapses, and definitely some how-to videos as we go along. Below is a video of what it looks like now. There was some water damage in the bathroom, so that will be our first priority.  Below is a video of what it looks like now:

How to Peel the Labels off Your Kombucha Bottles

How to Peel the Labels off Your Kombucha Bottles

Brewing your own kombucha is a fun way to save money and get the exact flavor and consistency you want.  If you don’t already know how to brew your own, please see my other post here.  Part of the brewing process is bottling.  A great way to cut back on your waste and decrease consumer demand is to reuse your old kombucha bottles. I usually drink GTs when we are out of the good stuff at home. Their bottles are perfect for brewing, and they add that nice carbonation that we all love about kombucha.

Below is a video I made to show you how quick and painless it can be to peel those labels off of your bottles. Think of all of the possibilities there are for reuse:

  • Bottling any drink (think club soda and lime on a hot summer day)
  • Storing any nuts, seeds, coffee beans, or any other dried food
  • Decorations (I’m thinking chalkboard paint and fun stencils)
  • Bringing a homemade drink with you to work
  • A water bottle at work (no plastic here, thank you- just leave the lid off)
  • A gift for a friend who is also brewing his or her own kombucha
  • A very unique mixed-drink glass
  • A cute pencil holder (put a ribbon around the rim, voila!)
  • Massive spice rack
  • I could go on, the possibilities are endless

If peeling the labels off your own bottles isn’t your thing, you can always order some bottles from amazon.  I’ve never tried these, but they seem like they would work great.

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